Announcing Sicksync

Sicksync is a project born out of the need to "mirror" a file-system quickly. I had issues with rsync and scp as my workflow requires me to VPN to the east-coast, and back to my developer machine in LA. This wasn't super ideal, and for small file changes (where you need a quick feedback loop), I was waiting up to 5 seconds to see changes happen in the browser. Booh!

Being that I'm an impatient man, and seeing how seconds add up over time, I decided to write my own utility that utilizes WebSockets to persist a connection between my laptop and the development machine. Small file changes happen at an almost instant rate, while massive file changes will default to rsync (eg, checking out a giant git branch).

To that end, sicksync is a simple command-line utility that you'll only need to setup once, and there is no need to remember lengthy switches. To start, simply type:

npm install -g sicksync // Might need sudo  

I'd recommend this on your laptop first, then the developer machine.

Finally, there are a few assumptions made:

Feel free to sumbit an issue on github. Happy Hacking!

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